Our Approach

Designed with you
and your team in mind

Our approach

Designed to empower your team to provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

We focus on helping you articulate your business outcomes and then deliver value through an iterative agile approach, that enables speed to value. We work with business and IT teams to prioritize use cases to ensure maximum business and customer value.

Multi-phased approach
Stabilization / Support
Discover phase

Get your bearings

Current state & goal alignment

We work with our client’s cross functional teams to identify, define, and prioritize the core business components, information structure, and Salesforce platform functionality to achieve a solution design that aligns with how best to engage in a more holistic way.

Plot your journey

Future state & use cases

Define target future state that delivers value across capability areas. Determine future state use cases, technical architecture, customer journey(s), and data needs to achieve desired maturity for customer capabilities.

Gear up

Blueprint & business case

We collaboratively develop a blueprint to define prioritized future business and technology initiatives to provide the necessary direction for the Build Phase.

Design phase

Where the voice of the users comes alive

Laying the foundation for the new way the organization will provide marketing, sales, and/or service. Taking the identified initiatives within the blueprint to fully vet and complete the solution, data, process, and people design.

Build phase

Where your 
 takes shape

Attention to feasibility ensures that the solution designed can be built and executed upon. Delivering in an iterative fashion enables the business case value to be realized early and often.

Stabilization / Support

Teaching your team to fish

Special attention is paid to providing knowledge and training for each user group to ensure a successful transition from current state to future state.

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