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Modern Cloud Architecture / Salesforce Mobile

Integrated Inventory Management

A global medical device company had limited visibility to their product inventory that was held in the field by field representatives. The lack of an integrated and mobile accessible inventory management system created issues around product accessibility, portfolio management, write-offs, and recalls.


Replaced complex legacy suite of applications and tolls supporting consignment inventory of medical devices with streamlined solution built on the Salesforce Platform. Included multiple integrations with ERP systems to enable sales and service functions within the enterprise. Leveraged Salesforce mobile to enable field personnel to audit and scan inventory from their devices.


• Removed error prone duplicative data entry

• Increased visibility of consignment inventory reducing scrap from expiration

• Streamlined business processes with automation

• Replaced unsupported legacy applications with the Salesforce Platform.

• Increased employee satisfaction with modern tools

Salesforce Circle of Excellence / Agile

Sustainable Operations

A global medical device company’s Salesforce team needed to improve how they leveraged the Agile framework for implementations associated with the Salesforce platform. Visibility to the Agile and COE measurements were lacking to ensure alignment among the teams leadership.


Conducted an Agile effectiveness assessment, Agile operating model design, pilot rollout, and full implementation plan for the Salesforce circle of excellence (COE). Identified a pilot team within the entire Salesforce COE to lead the Agile rollout.


Achieved strong success with the pilot team that led to a multi-phased Agile rollout within the Salesforce COE. Included Agile operating model & team design, measurement plan, extensive training, hands on leadership & team coaching, change management, program management, and leadership alignment. 

Customer and Distributor Community

Partnership Done Differently

The global leader in quality management solutions for the manufacturing industry was seeking to build a Salesforce Community to serve both customer and distributor needs, along with replacing its existing distributor portal.


The new Community enables more seamless self-service and interactions with customers and distributors. Providing more service value for customers / distributors who have service agreements and/or annual contracts.


Ability to sharing of knowledge articles and videos to allow users to consume information at their own pace. Enabled self-service ticketing and viewing of ticket status to reduce call volume. Enhancing customer and distributor communication through real-time interaction grounded in common information.

Customer Community / User Experience

Seamless Service

A leading global SaaS provider for participants in the merger and acquisition lifecycle was looking to create self-service capability via Salesforce Community. They needed assistance in gaining alignment among a cross-functional team, identifying personas and prioritizing use cases prior to entering the Build Phase.


Facilitated north star, persona, and use case workshop with cross-functional (marketing, sales, customer service, finance) stakeholders. The team collaborated to identify and prioritize external & internal personas along with their essential use cases.


Provided alignment among the cross-functional team by identifying the self-service objectives, key persona profiles along with needs, wants & behaviors, and use cases necessary to support the build out of the self-service capability. 

Field Service Lightning

Field Enablement

A leading global water, hygiene, and energy manufacturing company was experiencing increased time spent in the field answering customer service calls and unable to be responsive to mid-day calls. The field service team found themselves zig zagging across the assigned territory and waste time due to inefficient routing. Schedulers were unable to optimize routes.


A Field Service Lightning (FSL) solution was designed and piloted to a global network of 1000s of field sales / service personnel. Additionally, designed and developed mobile capabilities for midday route optimization by field personnel. Included multi-language capabilities throughout the solution.


• Increased sales and service productivity

• Increased overall response time

• Increased customer satisfaction

• Improved employee engagement

• Reduced number of trips made to customer site

Sales Cloud

Retail Brand Management

Brand managers were operating using adhoc processes / tools (emails, post-it notes, excel) to complete their work and providing different experiences to the third party brands they were responsible for managing. Process workflows were manual and inconsistently executed among team members with varying results.


Developed a POC leveraging Salesforce Sales Cloud to demonstrate how account management could be done consistently, with ease, infusing points of workflow automation, and provide visibility to others within the organization.


Provided a tangible proof point that if the brand management team had a solution to manage their accounts they could provide more value to the organization.

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