Customer Engagement

Shaping every interaction
to be meaningful

What’s your customer engagement zone?

How to understand where your customer engagement level is today and how/where to amplify your experiences, stand out from the crowd, deliver on outcomes, and have fun doing it!

Engagement framework

Designed to unleash the surprise and delight moments

Customer engagement is a core success factor within any business model. To achieve a customer-centric model your organization must understand and discuss the various facets of the experience along with the level of effort required to deliver the intended outcomes. The discussions will uncover alignment issues between the intended experience(s), the actual experience(s), and the ideal experience(s).

Design Thinking
Engagement Themes
Persona Identification
Journey Mapping
Design Thinking

A way to problem solve and innovate over the lifecycle of your business that meet and exceed human desires . What does the organization need and what does the customer need at every stage?

Covalent North will work with your team to answer the question ‘What does success look like and how do you measure it’?

We encourage organizations to think about the relationship beyond the transaction, when you exit the transaction, how do the customers feel about the organization?

Engagement Themes

Covalent North uses a comprehensive approach to collect and identify your organization’s key customer engagement themes. Below are the three methods we use to collect the information.

1. Interviews allow us to capture a 360 degree current state perspective from internal stakeholders and customers.

2. Observations allow us to experience the customer and employee interactions where they take place within the buying lifecycle.

3. Reviewing existing artifacts and conducting competitive analysis provides a broader lens to identify additional themes.

Persona Identification

Personas help the team to share a consistent understanding of the user groups. The goal is to identify the core users, and shape the experience(s) to their needs and wants.

Can you put yourself in the users shoes? Being empathic is key when identifying personas.

Journey Mapping

A collaborative method that exposes the real moments of truth and the ways in which customers go about achieving their needs.

By investing time in understanding the path a customer takes, the people, the functions, and technology they interact with along the way, a journey map provides a complete picture of the customer engagement lifecycle.

It is equally important to understand how the customer experience aligns with internal organizational structures, service delivery models, and metrics.

Customer Community / User Experience

Seamless Service

A leading global SaaS provider for participants in the merger and acquisition lifecycle was looking to create self-service capability via Salesforce Community. They needed assistance in gaining alignment among a cross-functional team, identifying personas and prioritizing use cases prior to entering the Build Phase.


Facilitated north star, persona, and use case workshop with cross-functional (marketing, sales, customer service, finance) stakeholders. The team collaborated to identify and prioritize external & internal personas along with their essential use cases.


Provided alignment among the cross-functional team by identifying the self-service objectives, key persona profiles along with needs, wants & behaviors, and use cases necessary to support the build out of the self-service capability.